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Polyclonal Antibody Services





Polyclonal antibodies are a collection of multiple monoclonal antibodies produced by a variety of antigenic determinants that stimulate the body. Polyclonal antibodies recognize multiple epitopes and have a short preparation time.


Abvigen Inc provides polyclonal antibody production services, including antigen production, antibody preparation, antibody purification, antibody labeling, antibody modification, etc. Customers can choose the service according to their requiments.

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1 Antigen


A Customer provides antigen: 3-5mg , purity >85%, >12kda


B Preparation of antigen:

Peptide synthesis and coupling

Protein expression


2 Immune host


3 Antibody purification





Abvigen Inc can provide polyclonal antibody preparation for the following species:


Mouse polyclonal antibody preparation

Rabbit polyclonal antibody preparation


Rat polyclonal antibody preparation


Guinea pig polyclonal antibody preparation


Sheep polyclonal antibody preparation


Chicken polyclonal antibody preparation




One-stop service:  from antigen preparation to polyclonal antibody preparation;


Comprehensive service: customer can choose a customized solution according to the actual situation;


Multiple host selection: preparation of multi-host polyclonal antibodies such as mouse, rat, guinea pig, sheep, chicken, etc;


Professional antigen design;