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Custom Antibody Fragmentation Service

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  • Overview

    Service Number£ºABL028

    Antibody fragments such as single domain antibodies (dAbs), antigen-binding fragments (Fab), and single chain variable fragments (scFvs) have unique properties that can make them better suited to certain therapeutic applications than full-sized monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).  In comparison with intact antibodies, fragments are smaller, which can allow them to more effectively reach their targets, and they¡¯re also often easier and less expensive to produce.  It allows their binding to concealed epitopes not accessible to complete antibodies.  The smaller size can help offer lower scattering, thus less contrast in images.  From the perspective of therapeutic applications, a small molecular weight also means fast clearance and efficient penetration.  Some therapeutics also use the fragments as they improve penetration into the tissue.

    Presently, there are a number of routes to take in order to artificially synthesize an antibody fragment.  Many functional antigen-binding antibody fragments could be engineered by proteolysis of antibodies (papain digestion, pepsin digestions or other enzymatic approaches), generating Fab, Fv or single domains.

    With years of research experience in the field of recombinant antibody construction and expression, Abvigen offers antibody fragment production services, we have various expression systems to meet the production for different types of fragmentation antibodies such as scFv, Fab/Fab?, sdAb/VHH, Fc fusion proteins, and chimeric antibody and so on.  Besides, we can offer antibody proteolysis service to engineering antibodies.

    Service Details




    Gene synthesis

    Gene synthesis

    codon optimization

    1-2 weeks

    Vector construction

    Cloning into expression vectors

    Plasmid sequencing

    Plasmid production

    1-2 weeks

    Expression and purification

    Recombinant technology

    E. coli fermentation: soluble expression

    Yeast Fermentation: secrected protein expression

    Mammalian cell transient transfection

    His-tag, FLAG-tag, SUMO-tag, etc.  Affinity chromatography column purification

    3-4 weeks

    QC analysis



    SEC-HPLC (optional)

    1 week

    Service Highlights

    Large scale production

    High antibody sensitivity

    Diverse fragment formats

    Various species options

    Different expression systems

    Retaining the original specificity

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