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Antibody Pairs Screening Service

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    Service Number£ļABL029

    Paired antibodies are two different antibodies generated against the same target, but with different binding regions or epitopes. Differential epitope recognition allows for simultaneous binding of both antibodies to the same target, making Sandwich ELISAs possible. This assay is a powerful tool used to quantify target analyte from complex samples across a myriad of fields. One antibody acts to capture the target and the other acts to detect it. They are applied in sandwich ELISA, IP-WB, LF, TIA, and protein-protein interaction.

    Selection of antibodies use the traditional methods based on the immunization of animal. Whether generating a monoclonal antibody pair, a polyclonal antibody pair, or a combination, Abvigen's years of expertise in developing antibody pairs is at your disposal. 


    Service Details




    Antigen generation

    Gene synthesis and expression

    Peptide synthesis and coupling

    2-4 weeks

    Antibody generation

    airing Formats: pAb/pAb; pAb/mAb; mAb/mAb

    Primary screening and sequencing

    Purification and labeling

    8-12 weeks

    Sandwich ELISA testing

    Sandwich ELISA screen, all against all

    Final titration ELISA

    4-6 weeks


    Pre-immune serum

    Protein Antigen

    Antigen Affinity Purified Unlabeled Antibody

    Antigen Affinity Purified Biotinylated Antibody

    Hybridoma cell lines (mAb only)

    Validated sandwich ELISA repor

    1 week

    Service Highlights

    Batch-to-batch consistency

    High specificity to samples

    High Sensitivity

    More flexibility in terms of conjugation and assay setup.

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