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Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

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  • Overview

    Monoclonal antibodies are used as primary antibodies in research because of their high specificity for a unique epitope of an antigen, low non-specific cross-reactivity, and low background noise. Although mouse monoclonal antibodies have remained as the most commonly used type of monoclonal antibody, other new techniques have led to the emergence of monoclonal antibodies raised against rabbits, rats, and hamsters and rabbit monoclonal antibodies utilization rate is gradually increasing. Distinct advantages of rabbit monoclonal antibodies have led to their increasing applications in all areas of life sciences, from basic research to diagnostics and therapeutics.

    Abvigen is a top-level service provider of custom antibody and immunoassay development. Our antibody design and production will ensure you get a high affinity monoclonal antibody to suit your research needs. Our team of experts will provide support for each step of antibody production - from antigen design to antibody purification. Our services include: development of monoclonal antibodies, production of recombinant antibodies, antibody conjugation, characterization, manufacturing, anti-idiotype antibody development, and custom engineering services.

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    Service Details




    Antigen preparation

    Protein, recombinant or purified


    Small molecules 

    Nucleic acid

    1-2 weeks

    Animal Immunization

    Control serum collection

    Immunize rabbits

    4-6 weeks

    B Cell Cloning

    B cell cloning

    B cell screening

    2-3 weeks

    Antibody sequencing & recombinant antibody production

    Antibody sequencing

    Small scale recombinant antibody expression Antibody purification

    4-5 weeks

    Antibody Production

    Produce recombinant antibodies by

    large-scale mammalian cell culture

    antibody purification

    1-2 weeks

    Service Highlights

    Antigen recognization: capable of recognizing a variety of difficult antigens.

    High antibody sensitivity: enable the detection of less abundant antigens with a minimum amount of antibody.

    High antibody specificity: reduces background signals.

    High antibody affinity: allow for the preservation of antibody-antigen interaction.

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