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Small Molecule Monoclonal Antibody Production Service

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  • Overview

    In the fields of molecular biology and pharmacology, the term small molecule refers to a low molecular weight (< 900 daltons) non-peptide, organic compound that may regulate a biological process. With the application of monoclonal antibody technology more and more widely, its production technology is becoming more and more perfect. In the recent rapid development of the molecular biosciences and their biotechnologicalapplications, and owing to their specific affinity, immunoassay systems using MAb against drugs andsmall molecular weight bioactive compounds have become an important tool for studies on receptorbinding analysis, enzyme assay, and quantitative and/or qualitative analytical techniques in animals orplants. The application of small molecules of drugs monoclonal antibody technology has been more and more widely, the technology of small molecule hapten carrier coupling and monoclonal antibody production provide strong technical support. 

    Abvigen can prepare various kinds of MAb against naturalproducts like solamarigine, crocin, marihuana compounds, opium alkaloids, ginsenosides, aconitine alkaloid, baicalin and so on, and developed a stable method as a sensitivity detection method. 

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    Service Details




    Hapten conjugation

    Small molecules compound conjugation to KLH and BSA

    1-2 weeks

    Antigen Purification

    Antigen Purification

    Antigen QC

    1 weeks

    Immunization and serum titer test

    Pre-immune bleed;

    5-6 Balb/c mice immunization;

    Serum titer test

    10-12 weeks

    Fusion and screening

    Fusion and Screening

    Subcloning and cell expansion

    10-12 weeks

    Functional screening (optional)


    K value


    1-2 weeks

    Antibody production & purification

    Appropriate scale hybridoma cell culture

    Purified by protein Aaffinity chromatography

    5-6 weeks

    Service Highlights

    Free antigen evaluation

    Stable modification and coupling technology

    Timely communication services

    Reliable antibody purification technology

    Complete experimental report

    Free choice of poly/mono antibody

    Various antibody modification

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