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Silver Nanoparticles

Silver Nanoparticles.jpgAs one of the important precious metals, silver has its nanomaterials due to its surface plasmonite resonance (SPR) in the visible light region It has been widely used in catalysis, biological and chemical sensing, nonlinear optics, surface-enhanced Raman scattering, dark field imaging, electronics, and more. Silver nanoparticles have many different colors, according to their different morphology and particle size, and can be dispersed in different solvents (such as water, ethanol, isopropanol, etc.) to produce colloidal suspension.


Abvigen provide a variety of particle size silver nanoparticles, the surface can be done in a variety of modifications, with high specific surface area, high load amount, easy surface functionalization, high dispersion, good stability advantages. 

Silver Nanoparticles NPS- 1%.pdf

Silver Nanoparticles NPS- 2.5%.pdf

Silver Nanoparticles NPS- 5%.pdf