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SUMO-Tag Protein Production Service

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    Service Number£şABL008

    Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier (SUMO) is similar to ubiquitin in structure, but has only about 20% identity to thesequence of ubiquitin. SUMO is a sequence containing 100 amino acid, which is necessary for regulation of protein transport and important for controlling transcription for eukaryotic cells. The number of SUMO genes varies among eukaryotes. The SUMO tag is often used as the N-terminal fusion sequences in yeast cells to increase the expression and solubility of the desired recombinant proteins. SUMO tag can be removed by SUMO-specific isopeptidases. SUMO-tag Protein Expression System developed by Abvigen allow native protein expressed with proteins in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems. Following the expression and purification of the fusion protein, the SUMO-tag can be cleaved by specific (SUMO) proteases via their endopeptidase activity in vitro to generate the desired N-terminus of the released protein partner.

    Service Details
    Service Highlights

    Purification procedure of protein is straightforward.

    SUMO tag can be removed.

    Improve solubility of otherwise poorly soluble protein fragments. 

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