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Single B Cell Antibody Production Service

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    Service NumberABL018


    Nowadays, antibody drugs are increasingly important for the pharmaceutical industry across the globe. In contrast to polyclonal antibodies, a monoclonal antibody is derived from a single B cell parent clone and will only recognize a single epitope per antigen. With the development of antibody preparation techniques, single B cell isolation offers a fast, high-throughput method to generate a cell line producing your antibody of interest.

    B cells are isolated from an immunized animal, sorted into single wells, lysed, and their genomes sequenced. Genes encoding desired proteins are cloned into a vector and transiently transfected into mammalian cells. Single B cell antibody production has many advantages such as short turnaround time, low hands-on inputs, and simple operation process and few rounds of cell culture. Abvigen offers a high-throughput,full integrated platform for accelerating antibody discovery. And the method allows detection of those very rare antibodies orpotential drugs with unique properties that are exceptionally hard to find. 

    Service Details




    Antigen Preparation

    Protein, recombinant or purified


    Small molecules

    Nucleic acid

    1-2 weeks


    5-10 BALB/c mouse

    DNA, Protein, Cells

    1-2 months, maintain repertoire diversity

    4-6 weeks

    Plasma B Cells Isolation

    Isolate plasma B cells from Spleen and Bone Marrow

    1-2 weeks

    Single B Cell Screening

    Up to 2E6 plasma B cells are screened.

    Protein binding

    Cell-based binding

    Sorting positive micro-droplets

    4-5 weeks

    Single Cell Sequencing

    Cell sequencing

    High throughput expression

    1-2 weeks


    Evaluate product quality

    ELISA titer detection

    1-2 weeks

    Service Highlights

    Antibodies directly from primary plasma cells

    High-throughput screening of B cells

    Available for most species

    Fast turnaround time

    Identify targets directly from B cells

    More Chance to ldentify Rare Antibodies

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