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Chicken Polyclonal Antibody Production


Polyclonal antibodies can explore multiple epitopes on the same antigen and have higher affinity than monoclonal antibodies. Chickens are good hosts for producing polyclonal antibodies when using mammalian antigens, especially those that are highly conserved.


We can offer custom immunization according to your requirements to produce chicken polyclonal antibodies, and we aim to develop comprehensive service including antigen design, chicken immunization, egg collection, a, and antibody purification for customers.


We guarantee to reach a minimum rabbit antiserum titer of 1:50,000 as measured with our ELISA assay.

Injections are subcutaneous as emulsions in FCA or FIA.

 Chicken Polyclonal Antibody Production

Chickens can pass on antibodies to their offspring, therefore, antibodies produced by immunization of the hen, collecting eggs, can be extract from eggs or egg yolk.


a. Peptide synthesis : Antigen preparation

b. Injection : Immunization of chickens and lgY collection from eggs (Injections were repeated three times at 14 day intervals.)

c. Antibody purification:  affinity chromatography

d. Detection

e. Antibody modification


pre-immune sera

test bleed post-inject sera

post-inject eggs

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Abvigen is committed to providing one-stop antibody customization services from antigen synthesis to antibody manufacturing for scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises. Our technical team will rely on rich technical experience to serve you wholeheartedly.

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