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Endotoxin-Free Protein Production Service

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    Endotoxins, known as lipoglycans and lipopolysaccharides (LPS), are a part of the outer membrane of the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. It is extremely hard to remove them by simple sterilization. Endotoxins can initiate a strong immune response such as endotoxin shock, organ failure, tissue injury, et al. Due to the harmful effects of endotoxin, limiting the protein endotoxin level has become an important direction in the medical field. E. Coli is a preferred system for recombinant protein because it generally provides the most cost effective solution. However, there are several limitations, include difficultly in production for proteins with strict endotoxin condition requirements and poor secretion for secretory proteins. To break out the limit, Abvigen has developed endotoxin-free Expression System, which is able to express a wide variety of protein and oligonucleotides as the wild-type counterparts except that they lack endotoxic activity.

    Service Details
    Gene synthesisCodon optimization; gene synthesis
    Protein expression & purification

    Transformation and strain screening

    Target protein expression

    Protein purification

    Endotoxin removal

    Endotoxin affinity chromatography

    Ion exchange chromatography

    Hydrophobic chromatography

    Gel filtration chromatography and ultrafiltration

    Triton X-114 phase separation

    Endotoxin detection

    LAL gel-clot assay

    LAL turbidimetric assay

    LAL chromogenic assay

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