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N-terminal Sequencing Service-MS

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  • Overview

    Service Number£ļABVH012

    The recent Overview of electrospray ionization techniques that are suitable for peptides and whole proteins has allowed for the design of mass spectrometric protocols that provide accurate sequence information for proteins. The Highlightss gained by these approaches over traditional Edman Degradation sequencing include faster analysis and femtomole, sometimes attomole, sensitivity. The ability to efficiently identify proteins has allowed investigators to conduct studies on their differential expression or modification in response to various treatments or disease states. This powerful technique has been instrumental for the study of proteins and markers associated with various disorders, including heart disease, cancer, and cystic fibrosis.

    Custom Package

    Abvigen can provide accurate sequencing results. The higher the purity of the customer's sample, the better. The report we deliver includes experimental steps, mass spectrum parameters, details of N-terminal and C-terminal sequences of proteins, mass spectrum images and original data.

    Service Details

    1 Sample treatment

    2 Computer analysis

    3 Data analysis

    4 Project report

    Sample Requirements

    1 Both the sample in the gel and the solution sample can be used for the above N-terminal and C-terminal sequencing

    2 Required sample amount of target protein: 0.5-1 mg Concentration requirement: 0.5-1 mg/ml

    3 The higher the purity of the sample, the better

    Service Highlights

    Short lead time


    Provides precise sequencespecific data

    More informative than PMF methods (>90%)

    Can be used for de-novo sequencing

    Can be used to ID posttranslatinal modifications

    Service Process

    After the two parties communicate and agree, determine the experimental plan, determine the service requirements - sign the contract - advance payment - start the experiment - deliver the results

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