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Chicken Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

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    Service Number£ºABL023

    Unlike monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies correspond to multiple epitopes and tend to contain several immunoglobulin subtypes. They can be used as both primary and secondary antibodies in Westerns, ELISAs, and IHCs. Usually, rabbits, rats, goats, chickens, and guinea pigs are commonly used for the preparation of polyantibodies. Among them, egg yolk is a good source of highly specific antibodies against mammalian antigens because of the phylogenetic distance between birds and mammals. Compared to common mammalian lgG, chicken lgY antibody has a strong resistance to heat, acid, ionic and have certain enzyme resistance, it can be used as an ideal diagnostic reagent and a drug for prevention and treatment. 

    Abvigen using SPF level chicken, ensures the pure background and higher production of the antibody, by using latex Immuno amplification technology, acquire antigen with stronger immunogenicity, improve the immunization success possibility. Our comprehensive array of custom antibody services includes a customizable option for Chicken immunization, eggs collection, and titer analysis for antibody production, plus extension possibilities, and get chicken antibody with higher titer.

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    Service Details




    Antigen preparation

    Peptide design, synthesis, conjugation

    Protein expression & purification

    Other antigen

    2-4 weeks

    Immunization & ELISA titration

    Conventional or accelerated immunization protocol

    Immune2-5 chickens

    Collect eggs

    ELISA titration

    8-10 weeks

    Antibody Purification

    Protein A purification

    Protein G purification

    Protein A/G purification

    Affinity purification

    Antigen specific affinity purification

    1-2 weeks


    ELISA: Guaranteed, >1:10,000

    Western Blot

    Optional: Application Validation Test, IHC, IF, FC

    1-2 weeks

    Service Highlights

    Full-service integration¡ªcombine this immunization service with our complete set of services for antigen preparation and antibody purification.

    Flexible service portfolio: Different host species and purification method are available.

    Mature technology system - mature technology system and high experimental success rate.

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