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Chimeric Antibody Production Service

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    Service Number£ºABL025

    Antibodies are highly specific, naturally evolved molecules that recognize and eliminate pathogens and tumour associated antigens. Mouse monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have been widely employed for in vitro assays as well as forin vivo applications. These reagents have begun to be used inpassive immunotherapy of malignant disease either alone or conjugated to toxic moieties including drugs, radioisotopes, and toxins in both animal models and humans. However, it cannot be ignored that mAbs has limitations in the treatment process, including modestbiologic activity, short circulating half-life, and immunogenicity. Their immunogenicity causes rapid development of an immune response, serious or toxic reactions, andrapid elimination of the antibody. Chimeric antibody production technique allows theselection of antibody specificity from among the large repertoire of murine mAbs available, as well as purposefulselection of the human constant regions based on theirbiologic behavior, and they have been predicted to have improved biologic activity, longer circulating half-lives,and reduced immunogenicity in humans. 

    Thus chimeric antibody retains variable domains from its original species, such as a mouse, and constant domains that have been incorporated into the antibody from another species, such as humans. Abvigen can combine your variable domains with constant domains from diverse species by using of the traditional mouse hybridoma model combined with genetic engineering.

    Service Details




    Antibody sequence

    Antibody sequence

    Gene synthesis

    codon optimization

    1-2 weeks

    Vector construction

    Cloning into expression vectors

    Plasmid sequencing

    Plasmid production

    1-2 weeks

    Expression and purification

    Transient transfection of HEK293/CHO cells

    Antibody purification

    Polishing (optional)

    1-2 weeks

    QC analysis



    SEC-HPLC (optional)

    1 week

    Service Highlights

    Ensured reproducibility.

    Wide range of application£¬such as Fc, IF, IHC, serum calibrators.

    High purity and affinity, reduce non-specific binding.

    Significantly improve the specificity of co-labeling studies.

    Highly reliable and consistent results.

    Reduce anti-species immune response.

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