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Recombinant Antibody Production Service

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  • Overview

    The recombinant antibody utilizes molecular biological means to clone the heavy and light chain or fragment regions of the antibody into mammalian cell expression vector for efficient expression, and obtain full length antibodies and different antibody fragments. Recombinant antibodies have many advantages of known sequences, long-term preservation of antibody genes, stable antibody properties, and good experimental repeatability, avoiding the risk factors that occur during the production and preservation of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies.

    Abvigen Inc Guaranteed (No success, No charge) Recombinant Antibody Expression Service can produce the target antibody required by the client in CHO or HEK293 cells, and ensure the expression, purity and endotoxin levels. The client only needs to provide the antibody sequence. The recombinant antibody can be produced by the combination of the high expression vector and the transfection reagent independently developed by Abvigen Inc.

    Service Details

    Gene synthesis and codon optimization

    Vector construction

    Expression and purification

    QC analysis


    Service Highlights

    Recombinant antibody is stable in nature, and the antibody gene is simple to store and is no longer restricted by the conventional monoclonal antibody cell line;

    One-stop service from gene synthesis to recombinant antibody expression;

    Ensure recombinant antibody expression, purity and expected endotoxin levels - No success, No charge

    Short lead times - delivered in as little as 5 weeks

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