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Gold Nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles are widely used nanomaterials and generally referred to as colloidal gold in biological research. Colloidal gold markers generally has a particle size between 10 and 100 nm, and will show different colors with the change of particle size. Gold nanoparticles have excellent biocompatibility, rich surface modification properties, and unique optical properties related to the surfactant, shape, size, and structure of the nanoparticles. According to their different characteristics, it can be applied to various fields of biomedicine, such as medical testing, medical imaging, drug delivery, etc.

Abvigen provides a variety of gold nanoparticles, gold nanorods, gold nanocages, gold nanostars, gold nanobipyramids, and other products, the product particle size is optional, the concentration can be customized, the surface can be modified with different groups, and can be appropriately selected according to the customer's use.

5nm.png10nm.png15nm.png20nm.png30 nm.png40nm.png
5 nm10 nm15 nm20 nm30 nm40 nm


                                    TEM and UV-Vis spectrum of Abvigen gold nanoparticles of different sizes

Gold Nanoparticles NPS- 1%.pdf

Gold Nanoparticles NPS- 2.5%.pdf

Gold Nanoparticles NPS-5%.pdf


Conjugate Development


Lateral Flow Assays

Biological Sensor Development 

Electron Microscopy

Dark Field Microscopy


Basic Gold Nanoparticles

Gold Nanoparticles-Citrate
Gold Nanoparticles-Tannic acid
Gold Nanoparticles-CTABGold Nanoparticles-SDS
Gold Nanoparticles-PVPGold Nanoparticles-Reactant Free
Gold Nanoparticles-PEIGold Nanoparticles-Stabilized
Gold Nanoparticles-PAHGold Nanoparticles-Endotoxin Free
Gold Nanoparticles-PAA

Functional Gold Nanoparticles

Amine Gold Nanoparticles-PEG3KGold Nanoparticles-Azide
Amine Gold Nanoparticles-PEG5KGold Nanoparticles-Biotin
Carboxyl Gold Nanoparticles-PEG3KGold Nanoparticles-DBCO
Carboxyl Gold Nanoparticles-PEG5KGold Nanoparticles-His
Methyl Gold Nanoparticles-PEG2KGold Nanoparticles-TN
Methyl Gold Nanoparticles-PEG5KGold Nanoparticles-GSH
Alkyne Gold Nanoparticles-PEG1KGold Nanoparticles-ZW
Alkyne Gold Nanoparticles-PEG2KGold Nanoparticles-NHS
Alkyne Gold Nanoparticles-PEG3KGold Nanoparticles-Mal
Alkyne Gold Nanoparticles-PEG5KGold Nanoparticles-Gal
Alkyne Gold Nanoparticles-PEG10KGold Nanoparticles-OH
Alkyne Gold Nanoparticles-PEG20KGold Nanoparticles-Thiol
Gold Nanoparticles-Ni-NTA

Fluorescent Gold Nanoparticles

Gold Nanoparticles-AF405Gold Nanoparticles-AF594
Gold Nanoparticles-DY405Gold Nanoparticles-CY5
Gold Nanoparticles-FITCGold Nanoparticles-AF647
Gold Nanoparticles-GFPGold Nanoparticles-CY5.5
Gold Nanoparticles-DY488Gold Nanoparticles-AF680
Gold Nanoparticles-AF488Gold Nanoparticles-CY7
Gold Nanoparticles-RhodamineGold Nanoparticles-AF750
Gold Nanoparticles-CY3Gold Nanoparticles-CY7.5
Gold Nanoparticles-AF594Gold Nanoparticles-DY800
Gold Nanoparticles-Texas red
Time Resolved Fluorescent Particles-COOHTime Resolved Fluorescent Particles-SA

Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates

Gold Nanoparticles-SAGold Nanoparticles-GARG
Gold Nanoparticles-BSAGold Nanoparticles-GAHA
Gold Nanoparticles-PAGold Nanoparticles-GAHM
Gold Nanoparticles-PGGold Nanoparticles-MAHM
Gold Nanoparticles-GAHGGold Nanoparticles-HRP
Gold Nanoparticles-GAMG

Oligo Gold Nanoparticle

Gold Nanoparticles-OC0
Gold Nanoparticles-O4C
Gold Nanoparticles-O9C
Gold Nanoparticles-O18C

Organic Gold Nanoparticles

Organic Gold Nanoparticles-Dodecanethiol
Organic Gold Nanoparticles-Aromatic hydrocarbons
Organic Gold Nanoparticles-Polystyrene
Organic Gold Nanoparticles-PVP
Organic Gold Nanoparticles-Organic Polymer
Organic Gold Nanoparticles-Conductive Polymer