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Magnetic Beads Conjugation Service

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    Magnetic beads are made of polymer (typically polystyrene) and iron oxide nanoparticles (usually magnetite (Fe3O4)), and are commercially available in a variety of sizes and surface chemistries. The size of the magnetic beads plays a major role; larger micrometer-sized beads have narrower size distribution and behave more predictably in a magnetic field gradient than smaller nanometer-sized beads. Magnetic beads are used for separation procedures to enrich the population of a specific cell, or isolate biomolecules for purification purposes. Abvigen offers customers a team of specialists and experts in the development of immunoassays by conjugating proteins or antibodies, with magnetic particles, which are useful in immunopreciptation of protein. This approach uses immunoaffinity purification on magnetic beads coated with antibodies for the rapid and efficient purification of protein complexes from cells or tissues. 



    Service Details

    Covalent attachment chemistry is another method for creating magnetic bead antibody conjugates. The benefit of this method is that the attachment is irreversible. When working with antibodies or any protein, the most common attachment point is amine groups followed by carboxyl and sulfhydryl groups less often. The four most common magnetic beads are as following:

    Carboxylic acid-hydrophilic bead that binds amine groups;

    Amine-hydrophilic bead that binds aldehydes;

    Tosyl groups-hydrophobic bead that binds amine and sulfhydryl groups;

    Epoxy-hydrophilic bead that binds amine and sulfhydryl groups.

    Progress of Conjugation: 

    (1)Confirmation of Receipt of Antibody Sample

    (2)Antibody/Protein Concentration and Volume Analysis

    (3)Magnetic bead reactivation

    (4)Antibody coupling

    (5)Test-Scale Conjugation Optimization

    (6)Mass Antibody Labeling

    (7)Quality control

    Service Highlights

    High binding capacity

    High coupling efficiency

    High reproducibility



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