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Large-Scale Protein Production Service

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  • Overview

    Service Number£şABL005

    Large-scale protein production has become a critically important service for applications in the field of proteomics, structural biology and protein therapeutics. Many techniques have been used in the production, including bacterial or eukaryotic cell-based culture cells implementation of fermentation and optimization of pH, O2, temperature and cell density. Abvigen provides a one-stop service for large scale protein production, and purification. With our expertise and experience in protein production, we provide perfect experimental scheme.

    Service Details
    Gene synthesis and codon optimization

    Gene synthesis 

    codon optimization

    Vector construction

    Cloning into proprietary, high-efficiency expression vectors

    Plasmid sequencing

    Large-scale plasmid preparation

    Expression and purification

    Transient transfection of HEK293/CHO cells


    QC analysis


    SEC-HPLC, endotoxin testing, ELISA, and more (optional)

    Service Highlights

    Continuous manufacturing: ensure rapid production

    Scalable production capabilities

    High quality delivery

    Multiple purification capabilities

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    Case Study
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