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Antibody Pairs

Antibody Pairs.jpgTypically, an antigen molecule has multiple antigen-determining clusters, and injecting an antigen directly into an animal can cause an immune response to produce antibodies, especially against different clusters. Antibodies have specificity and specificity, and the two antibodies that bind to the same antigen molecule are paired antibodies. Therefore, the paired antibodies are developed as two antibodies that can recognize the same antigen simultaneously, and in general, the paired antibodies are composed of two mAbs. Paired antibodies include capture and detection antibodies and are generally applicable for ELISA, immunochromatography, WB-immunoprecipitation and proximity ligation experiments.


Abvigen develops many antibody pairs covering a variety of targets such as cytokines, chemokines, chemokines, growth factors, neurotrophins, hormones, enzymes and novel coronavirus. The antibody pairs are mainly mouse MAb, which also involve other species.