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Polystyrene Particles

Abvigen has developed a large selection of polystyrene micro- and nanoparticles. Polystyrene particles and Microparticles are highly spherical plastic particles in sizes between 20 nm to 3 mm. The polystyrene particles are prepared by using emulsion polymerization process. Coated or conjugated particles are prepared either by passive adsorption or covalent coupling.

Polystyrene spheres with density slightly greater than 1g/cc are a useful tool as reference particles in simulation experiments and process troubleshooting. Functionalized polystyrene nanoparticles and polystyrene particles can be applied for a variety of applications such as drug delivery materials, bioimaging, markers and immunoassay.


Functional Polystyrene Particles


Polystyrene Particles Conjugates

Collagen IIGlutathioneNeutravidin
Oligo(dT)25Protein AProtein G
Protein LStreptavidin


Size Standards

Designed with the surface functionalities NH2 and COOH for the covalent binding of proteins, antibodies or other molecules

Latex Agglutination Assays

Lateral Flow Detection

Solid Phase Immunoassays


Purification and separation


Available with covalently bound proteins (avidin, streptavidin, protein A) or collagen on the surface

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