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Bispecific Antibody Production Service

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    Service Number£şABL027

    With the growing interest in using bispecific antibodies in therapeutic development and the use of AI in drug discovery, the need for high throughput bsAb production is higher and higher.  Bispecific antibodies (bsAb) are engineered artificial antibodies capable of recognizing two epitopes of an antigen or two antigens, which used in the field of antibody therapeutics.  They are a type of reconstructive molecules that can recognize two different epitopes.

    Generally, BsAb can be divided into two major classes, those bearing an Fc region and those lacking an Fc region, the latter normally being smaller than the IgG and IgG-like bispecific molecules comprising an Fc.  BsAbs were initially described in the 1960s, and the first monoclonal BsAbs were produced in the 1980s by hybridoma technology.  However, bsAb production comes with certain challenges, such as heterogeneity, production complexity, and stability issues, which can affect the quality of the final product.

    Here, Abvigen is proud of introducing the following one-stop, customized antibody development services, involving the design, engineering, manufacturing, and analysis of BsAb.

    Service Details




    Antibody sequence

    Antibody sequence

    Gene synthesis

    codon optimization

    1-2 weeks

    Vector construction

    Cloning into expression vectors

    Plasmid sequencing

    Plasmid production

    1-2 weeks

    Expression and purification

    Transient transfection of HEK293/CHO cells

    Antibody purification

    Polishing (optional)

    1-2 weeks

    QC analysis



    SEC-HPLC (optional)

    Endotoxin testing (optional)

    1 week

    Service Highlights

    Short turnaround time: 8 Weeks from antibody sequence to mg of bispecific monoclonal antibody

    One-stop solution: A straight line from your idea to bioproduction.

    Proprietary cell line: Our proprietary cell line was developed for high-yield antibody expression.

    Optimized to produce many bispecific antibodies at the early stage.

    Suitable for most in vitro and some in vivo studies.

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