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Protein PEGylation Service

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  • Overview

    Service Number£şABL006

    Peptides and proteins are limited in clinical use due to their chemical instability, short time in the blood, and immune response. These problems can be solved by connecting one or more polyethylene glycol (polyethylene glycol) molecules to polypeptides or proteins. PEG polymers have many inherent good biological properties, including high water solubility and lack of toxicity, immunogenicity and antigenicity. PEG acts to increase solubility in water while increasing the coverage of molecular weight and epitope. Currently PEGylation technologies are PEGylated at multiple sites in an uncontrolled manner, which will crowd the molecules PEGylated in locations. Abvigen chemists will perform your PEGylation service in a professional and efficient way to provide you the PEGylated products with high quality.

    Service Details

    PEG function

    Increase the molecular weight of the drug to prevent the filtration by the glomerulus.

    Block the degradation of the proteases. 

    Shield the drug immunization sites.

    Increase the solubility of drugs in body fluids.

    Delayed release of drugs.

    Service Highlights

    High quality PEG products: high reactivity and high purity

    Fast delivery

    Well-established coupling techniques

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