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Fluorescent Particles

Fluorescence occurs when a molecule absorbs energy in the form of light and then immediately releases this energy again in the form of light.

Excitation wavelength - characteristic wavelength that molecule absorbs

Emission wavelength - characteristic wavelength that molecule emits

Fluorescent Particles are round spherical particles that emit bright colors when illuminated by UV light. Fluorescent Particles offer extra sensitivity and detectability for analytical methods.

Abvigen's fluorescent polymer microspheres are available in many particle sizes, colors, densities, and excitation and emission wavelengths, can be stored at room temperature or dispersed in aqueous media without degrading their fluorescent properties. Abvigen offers a series of fluorescent particles, commonly used in biological field for tracing, cell labeling, in vivo imaging, drug discovery research and calibration of flow cytometry, among other applications.  


Red620 nm680 nm
Orange540 nm580 nm
Green488 nm518 nm
Blue400 nm450 nm
TR360 nm615 nm

Green Fluorescent Particles

Ex/Em: 488 nm/518 nm

Green Fluorescent PS Magnetic ParticlesGreen PMMA Fluorescent Particles-NH2
Green Fluorescent PS Magnetic Particles-COOHGreen PP Fluorescent Particles
Green Fluorescent PS Magnetic Particles-NH2Green PS Fluorescent Particles
Green Fluorescent SiO2 Magnetic Particles-COOHGreen PS Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Green Fluorescent SiO2 Magnetic Particles-NH2Green PS Fluorescent Particles-NH2
Green GMA Fluorescent ParticlesGreen PS Fluorescent Particles-SA
Green PE Fluorescent ParticlesGreen Silica Fluorescent Particles
Green PMMA Fluorescent ParticlesGreen Silica Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Green PMMA Fluorescent Particles-COOHGreen Silica Fluorescent Particles-NH2

Red Fluorescent Particles

Ex/Em: 620 nm/680 nm

Red Fluorescent Dextran Magnetic Particles
Red PMMA Fluorescent Particles
Red Fluorescent PS Magnetic ParticlesRed PMMA Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Red Fluorescent PS Magnetic Particles-COOHRed PMMA Fluorescent Particles-NH2
Red Fluorescent PS Magnetic Particles-NH2Red PP Fluorescent Particles
Red Fluorescent SiO2 Magnetic Particles-COOHRed GMA Fluorescent Particles
Red Fluorescent SiO2 Magnetic Particles-NH2Red PE Fluorescent Particles
Red Fluorescent Starch Magnetic ParticlesRed PLA Fluorescent Particles
Red PS Fluorescent ParticlesRed Silica Fluorescent Particles
Red PS Fluorescent Particles-COOHRed Silica Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Red PS Fluorescent Particles-NH2Red Silica Fluorescent Particles-NH2
Red PS Fluorescent Particles-SA
Red PS Fluorescent Particles-Biotin

Blue Fluorescent Particles

Ex/Em: 360-435 nm/450 nm

Blue GMA Fluorescent ParticlesBlue PP Fluorescent Particles
Blue PE Fluorescent ParticlesBlue PMMA Fluorescent Particles
Blue PMMA Fluorescent Particles-COOHBlue PMMA Fluorescent Particles-NH2
Blue Silica Fluorescent ParticlesBlue Silica Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Blue Silica Fluorescent Particles-NH2Blue PS Fluorescent Particles
Blue PS Fluorescent Particles-NH2Blue PS Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Blue PS Fluorescent Particles-SA

Orange Fluorescent Particles

Orange 1:  Ex/Em: 360-425 nm/610 nm
Orange 2:  Ex/Em: 525-543 nm/580 nm

Orange GMA Fluorescent ParticlesOrange PE Fluorescent Particles
Orange PP Fluorescent ParticlesOrange PMMA Fluorescent Particles-NH2
Orange PMMA Fluorescent ParticlesOrange PMMA Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Orange PS Fluorescent ParticlesOrange Silica Fluorescent Particles
Orange PS Fluorescent Particles-COOHOrange Silica Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Orange PS Fluorescent Particles-NH2Orange Silica Fluorescent Particles-NH2
Orange PS Fluorescent Particles-SA

Time Resolved Fluorescent Particles

Ex/Em: 360 nm/615 nm

Time Resolved Fluorescent Particles-COOH
Time Resolved Fluorescent Particles-SA

Fluorescent Particles Conjugates

AvidinBiotinGoat anti-Mouse
Goat anti-HumanProtein AProtein GOligo


Monodisperse Particles

High particle size uniformity

High-intensity fluorescence

Available with red, green orange and blue fluorescence

Designed with carboxylic acid groups (COOH) and amino groups (NH2) on the particle surface for the covalent binding of proteins, antibodies or other molecules

Offered with streptavidin on the surface for binding of biotinylated molecules

Outstanding long-term stability under proper storage conditions (both color and fluorescence)

Spherical shape

Great resistance to photobleaching

Minimized dye leaching

Suitable for uses in flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, phagocytosis studies and cell labeling