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Baculovirus-Insect Expression Service

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    Service Number£şABL003

    Baculovirus-insect cell expression system is one of the widely used eukaryotic expression systems at present. The baculovirus¨Cinsect cell expression system offers multifaceted Highlightss that set it apart from other expression systems. One of the most noteworthy Highlightss is its capacity to accommodate large DNA molecules within the vector, which enables the production of high-molecular-weight proteins. And it can house multiple gene insertions, allowing for the concurrent expression of different proteins. It has strong post-translational modification (PTM) capabilities within this system, encompassing essential processes such as glycosylation and acetylation. Abvigen can leverage the baculovirus expression system to support the production of difficult-to-express proteins, such as kinases, viral targets, cell surface receptors, transporters, various enzymes, and membrane proteins.


    Service Details




    Plasmid construction

    Codon optimization; gene synthesis

    Ligation to expression vector

    Obtain the correct recombinant plasmi

    2 weeks

    Preparation of recombinant Bacmid and high titer virus

    Isolate recombinant bacmid DNA

    Obtain baculovirus

    Repeat the infection

    2 weeks

    Scale up expression and purification

    Infect insect cells

    Purification of target protein

    1 week

    Quality Control

    Testing of purity, concentration,

    1 week

    Service Highlights

    Short lead time

    Cost-effective, high expression level

    Multiple expression systems

    One-stop service: from gene to protein expression purification

    Large capacity: provides protein at milligram to gram levels

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