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Quantum Dots

Quantum dots (QDs) are fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals. Abvigen offers a complete line of core/shell Quantum dots products in solid form, in organic solvents or aqueous solution. Abvigení»s Quantum dots can be used in photovoltaics, light emitting diodes (LEDs), telecommunication and diode lasers. They can also be used in sensing, drug delivery, cell imaging, labeling of biomolecules, as well as other applications in life sciences and biotechnology.


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Quantum Dots in Hexane

ZnCdS/ZnS (410-470 nm)CdSe/ZnS (480-660 nm)CdTe/CdSe/ZnS (620-820 nm)
CdS (380-460 nm)CdSe (480-640 nm)CdSeTe/ZnS (640-820 nm)
Cu:ZnCdS/ZnS (480-620 nm)ZnSe/ZnS (4100-440 nm)InP/ZnS (520-750 nm)
CsPbX3 (400-640 nm)PbS (400-640 nm)PbS/CdS (400-460 nm)
ZnInS/ZnS (500-700 nm)Carbon (380-440 nm)PbSe (1500-2100 nm)
Ag2Se (1000-1500 nm)

Quantum Dots in Water

ZnCdS/ZnS (410-470 nm)CdSe/ZnS (480-660 nm)CdTe/CdSe/ZnS (620-820 nm)
CdSeTe/ZnS (640-820 nm)ZnSe/ZnS (380-460 nm)InP/ZnS (520-750 nm)
CuInS/ZnS (550-800 nm)CdTe/CdS (540-640 nm)CdTe/ZnS  (620-850 nm)
Carbon (380-625 nm)CdTe (540-850 nm)
CdSe/ZnS, Positive (510-640 nm)CdSe/ZnS, Negative (510-640 nm)