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Adeno-Associated Virus Service 

AAV belongs to the genus Dependoparvovirus. It is one of the smallest viruses with a non-enveloped capsid of approximately 22 nm that infect a broad range of cell types including dividing and non-dividing cells and are, therefore, widely used vehicles for gene delivery.

Gene therapy vectors using AAV can infect both dividing and quiescent cells and persist in an extrachromosomal state without integrating into the genome of the host cell. It makes AAV a very attractive candidate for creating viral vectors for gene therapy, and for the creation of isogenic human disease models.

Different serotypes can render the virus with different tissue tropism. Tissue specificity is determined by the capsid serotype.

AAV serotypes suggested for different tissue tropism as below:


Abvigen has developed the most robust and professional AAV packaging service, offering the highest quality rAAV vectors and the most complete AAV Expression Systems that can be used to express shRNA, human ORF, CRISPR in vitro and in vivo studies.

Abvigen have the platform that suits all your needs. We provides Adeno-Associated Virus Service including:


? Cloning

? Transfection

? Packaging:

  Small Scale Crude Packaging

  Large Scale Packaging, in vivo ready

? Purification For large scale

? Quality control

? AAV particles


High titer

Safest viral vector system available

Effectiveness in vitro and in vivo

No inflammation

Causing no known human disease