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Rat Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

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    Service Number£ºABL021

    Antibodies are indispensable research tools that have enabled researchers across diverse scientific fields to specify, identify, locate and/or quantify their protein targets. Polyclonal antibody production is essential in research activity and the schedules and methodologies used to produce polyclonal antibodies continue to vary depending on the immunogen, the adjuvant, and the end purpose.

    Abvigen can offer custom rat polyclonal antibody services, and our goal is to provide the best antibody products and services which can suit your research needs. High quality antibody products are the result of devoting our research team to research and diagnostic activities. Abvigen provides a one-stop solution for worldwide customers' antibody needs including a customizable option for rat immunization, serum-collection, and titer analysis for rat antibody production, plus extension possibilities. 

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    Service Details




    Antigen preparation

    Peptide design, synthesis, conjugation

    Protein expression & purification

    Other antigen

    2-4 weeks

    Animal Immunization

    Control serum collection

    Immune 5 Rats

    ELISA titer detection

    8-10 weeks

    Antibody Purification

    Protein A purification

    Protein G purification

    Protein A/G purification

    Affinity purification

    Antigen specific affinity purification

    1-2 weeks

    Antibody Verification

    WB positive

    ELISA titer

    Optional: Application Validation Test, IHC, IF, FC

    1-2 weeks

    Service Highlights

    Full-service integration¡ªcombine this immunization service with our complete set of services for antigen preparation and antibody purification.

    Low price with fast turnaround: 3-5mg affinity purified antibody, in as fast as 80 days!

    One-Stop Services: From antigen design, peptide synthesis or protein production to antibody production services.

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