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Other Particles

Other particles.jpgQuantum dots (QD) is a new concept of nanoscale semiconductor light-emitting particles. When stimulated by light, the quantum dots emit very pure colored light. With the improvement of quantum dot preparation technology, especially the unique optical properties of quantum dot technology, such as adjustable size, large Stokes shift, high luminescence efficiency and good luminescence stability, make it a widely used material in research.


Among them, carbon quantum dots are the most commonly used quantum dots. Carbon Quantum Dots (CQD) is a new type of nanocarbon material composed of scattered spherical carbon particles with small size (<10nm). And the surface of carbon quantum dots is rich of carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, easy to surface functionalization, and can be widely used in biology, chemistry, materials and other fields. In addition, Abvigen also provides cadmium, selenium, manganese and lead quantum dots, and other special materials can be customized.