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WB/IHC Guaranteed Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Services

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    Service Number£ºABL020

    Normally, a good antigen is a large, complex molecule with a molecular weight greater than 10kDa and when injected to animals is able to induce high levels of specific antibody. However, peptides are small molecules, when emulsified in adjuvant are able to elicit poor immune response. In many cases, the prepared antibodies are difficult to meet the requirements of scientific research. 

    Abvigen can offer custom antibody services, and our goal is to provide the best antibody products and services which can suit your research needs. To avoid reproducible antibody preparation, Abvigen offers custom guaranteed antibodies of WB, IHC, etc. which are applied to customer¡¯s study. Abvigen provides a one-stop solution for worldwide customers' antibody needs. Our antibody production services include recombinant protein expression, peptide design and synthesis, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, affinity purification, identification and labeling service. Our packages provide you desired antibodies that will be successful in basic applications or guaranteed to work in your assay.

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    Service Details






    Peptide design

    Peptide synthesis

    Peptide conjugation

    Protein expression

    1-2 weeks or

    2-4 weeks

    Immunization & ELISA titration

    Conventional or accelerated immunization protocol

    ELISA Titer testing

    8-10 weeks

    Screening & Subcloning

    Fusion clone screening by indirect ELISA

    Addition screening assays available upon request

    Subclone screening

    10-12 weeks

    Production & Purification

    Small-scale antibody purification

    Isotype identification

    Hybridoma cell culture

    Antibody production

    1-2 weeks



    Dot Blot

    Western Blot

    IHC (Immunohistochemistry)

    1-2 weeks

    Service Highlights

    One-stop - Provide one-stop antibody service from gene to antigen to antibody.

    Application - Can screen antibodies according to your application needs.

    Large-scale - Meet the needs of diagnostic mass production.

    Strict quality control - Provides ELISA, WB, IHC, IF, IP, ChIP and other basic test.

    Application guaranteed antibody - Custom guaranteed antibodies of WB, IHC, etc.

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