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Mammalian Transient Protein Expression Service

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More complex protein structures usually require particular post-translational modifications and co-factors to support their elaborate folding and enzymatic activity. E.coli expression system are unable to perform these modifications and lack essential eukaryotic co-factors. There appears to be a progressive increase in the application of mammalian cells for proteins production because of its highest level of protein processing, which is important for complete biological activity. The introduction of large-scale transient transfection has enabled the use of mammalian cells more attractive in terms of speed and ease of use, particularly for cell surface and secreted glycoproteins. Abvigen enables the high-throughput delivery and the generation high-quality of recombinant proteins and antibodies that are widely used in applications such as antigen preparation, antibody discovery, protein structure elucidation, and research for protein function.






Plasmid construction

Codon optimization; gene synthesis

Ligation to expression vector

Obtain the correct recombinant plasmid

2 weeks

Small scale expression

Transient transfect HEK293, CHO and other cells

Detect expression products

Optimization of transfection conditions

1-2 weeks

Scale up expression and purification

Scale up the culture cells and transfect

Optimal purification method

1-2 weeks

Quality Control

Testing of purity, concentration, etc. QC report is provided. 

1 week



Rapid expression of functional protein or antibody

Customization: quantity, purity, endotoxin, and other services are optional

Modifications: isotope labeling, protein biotinylation, and other services

Expression scale-up


In addition, we also provide a variety of optional protein expression system, including

E. Coli ExpressionBaculovirus-Insect Expression
Large-Scale Protein Production

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