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Large-Scale Protein Production Service


Large-Scale Protein Production Service


Cell-Free in Vitro Protein expression

Cell-Free or in vitro protein expression is the expression of recombinant proteins in solution using biomolecular translation machinery extracted from cells. Cell-free protein production can be accomplished with several kinds and species of cell extract, and these approaches have several advantages and features that complement traditional in vivo methods. Advantages of cell-free protein expression system include:


Cell-free reactions are easy to set up and take only several hours to express protein.

Overall handling volumes are small: for soluble proteins, mg amounts of protein can be obtained from few ml reaction volumes.

As an open system, many components - natural and unnatural - can be added to the reaction mixture, such as reducing/oxidizing elements, chaperones, labeled amino acids, or detergents.

Eucaryotic cell-free lysates provide post-translational modifications such as core glycosylation or phosphorylation, and natural membrane components (e.g. microsomes) for membrane protein insertion

Proteins that are toxic when expressed in living cells, can often be produced in cell-free systems. Also other effects like protease digest or DNA template instability are absent because the responsible cellular components have been removed.

Multimeric proteins and complexes can be expressed, and ratios of different subunits influenced by DNA template titration.

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