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E. Coli Expression Service

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Escherichia coli is one of the most widely used hosts for the production of heterologous proteins and its genetics are far better characterized than those of any other microorganism. The E. coli expression system is regarded as the most commonly used, economical, and classical expression system because of its simple structure, clear genetic background, high yield of target protein, and its short culture period. In recent decades, E. coli expression system has also been developed and improved continuously, and been used intensively by scientific researchers and industrial users for a large number of recombinant protein expression. The system is mainly used for antigen preparation, ligand preparation, and expression of cytokines and bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc.) proteins services.


Custom Package

Abvigen has extensive experience and be very professional in E. coli protein expression and purification. We can solve various difficult problems during the protein expression and purification process. We have successfully developed many proteins expressed in E. coli, which contain proteins with high purity.








Plasmid construction

Codon optimization; gene synthesis

Ligation to expression vector

Obtain the correct recombinant plasmid

2 weeks

Transformation and strain screening

Transform the recombinant plasmid to host cells

Select single colony for small-scale induced expression

Optimize the expression conditions

1 week

Target protein expression and purification

Large-scale expression

Protein purification

2 weeks

Inclusion body renaturation

Refolding if the target protein is inclusion body

Quality Control

Testing of purity, concentration, etc. QC report is provided.

1 weeks



Short lead time

Clear genetic background

Fast growth and high yield

Cost-effective, easy for large-scale production

More options for vectors and tags, higher success rate

Easy to optimize various conditions to achieve the best results


Service Process

After the two parties communicate and agree, determine the experimental plan, determine the service requirements - sign the contract - advance payment - start the experiment - deliver the results


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