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E. Coli Protein Expression Service

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Escherichia coli expression system continues to dominate the bacterial expression systems and remain to be the preferred system. Escherichia coli expression system is is regarded as classical expression system because of its simple structure, successful heterologous gene expression, short culture period and high level protein expression. How to optimize soluble protein expression in E. coli, that is the focus and advantage of our company. Abvigen has extensive experience and be very professional in E. coli protein expression and purification. We can solve various problems in the process of protein expression to meet the needs of customers.






Plasmid construction

Codon optimization; gene synthesis

Ligation to expression vector

Obtain the correct recombinant plasmid

2 weeks

Transformation and strain screening

Linearization of recombinant plasmid

Transform hosts by electroporation

Verify successful transformants by PCR

Obtain high copy

1-2 weeks

Small test

Small scale expression screening

2 weeks

Scale up expression and purification

Optimize expression conditions

Scale up culture

Protein purification

Quality Control

Testing of purity, concentration, etc. QC report is provided.

1 weeks


Guaranteed yield: 1-3 mg purified protein.

Guaranteed purity: >85% protein purity.

Soluble protein: we prioritize proteins obtained from supernatant.

Rich experience: many kinds of protein purification and protein regenerating experience

High success rate: the success rate of expression is higher than 95%


In addition, we also provide a variety of optional protein expression system, including

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