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Colloidal Gold Conjugation Service

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The immunogold labeling technology mainly makes use of the high electron density of gold particles. When these markers gather in large quantities at the corresponding ligands, red or pink spots can be seen with the naked eye, so it is used in qualitative or semi quantitative rapid immune detection methods.


Custom Package

Abvigen can also provide gold nanoparticles, gold nanorods, silver nanoparticles and other nano materials.




Passive Absorption

Covalent Coupling

Popular and simple

More specific and controllable

Cannot provide a permanent attachment of the coating

Permanently immobilizes molecules of interest to functionalized gold nanoparticles

The proteins may lose their properties after being absorbed to the surface

Minimizing steric hindrance and impact on the tertiary structure of the conjugated protein





Well Characterized

Customer can select buffer

Customer can select gold nanoparticle type, size

Quick turnaround



Service Process

After the two parties communicate and agree, determine the experimental plan, determine the service requirements - sign the contract - advance payment - start the experiment - deliver the results


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