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Membrane Protein Antibody Production


Membrane proteins are the molecular interface between host and pathogen, membrane proteins embedded within the cellular membrane serve a critical purpose in the maintenance of many cellular functions.Antibodies are essential for structural determinations and functional studies of membrane proteins. Target-specific monoclonal antibodies have allowed the determination of novel membrane protein structures during electron cryomicroscopy by increasing the size of the target, and during crystallography by stabilizing unique protein conformations. Given the importance in cellular communication and transportation of molecules and ions across the cell membrane, membrane proteins become the largest category of druggable targets studied in the pharmaceutical industry. However, antibody generation is limited by the availability of properly-folded and purified antigen.

Therefore, we have provided several multiple transmembrane protein antibody preparation method, including the classic soluble zone protein design scheme, recombinant protein immunization scheme, and custom service of antibody preparation.


Custom Package   

Biotyscience can provide many protocols of membrane protein antibody production for customers, we can also provide customers with one-stop membrane protein antibody production services from peptide design, immunization, to labeling and purification.






 Peptide design and synthesis

Peptide design, peptide synthesis, conjugation (KLH, BSA)

2 weeks

Protein preparation

cDNA synthesis, Vector construction, protein expression & purification

6-8 weeks

Immunization and Test

Immunized 3-5 mice/2 rabbits, ELISA detection

4-6 weeks


Isolating Spleen cells, B cells+Myeloma cell, get fused cells (hybridomas)

1-2 weeks

Proliferation and screening

Selection in HAT medium

1-2 weeks

Growing cells/subcloning

Positive test, and cloning producing the desired antibody

1-2 weeks

Ascites producion/culture in vitro

Mass production of monoclonal antibodies

3-4 weeks

Purification & detection

Affinity purification/Antigen specific affinity purification

2 weeks



3-5 ml Pre-immune sera

15-20 ml antiserum

Purified antibodies

Complete project report


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Abvigen committed to providing one-stop antibody customization services from antigen synthesis to antibody manufacturing for scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises. Our technical team will rely on rich technical experience to serve you wholeheartedly. 


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