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Single B Cell Antibody Development Service

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Single B cell isolation offers a fast, high-throughput method to generate a cell line producing your antibody of interest. B cells are isolated from an immunized animal, sorted into single wells, lysed, and their genomes sequenced. Genes encoding desired proteins are cloned into a vector and transiently transfected into mammalian cells. Utilize a single B cell workflow to leapfrog many of the traditional antibody engineering challenges, such as long turnaround time, extensive hands-on inputs, and multiple rounds of cell culture.


Custom Package

Abvigen has been committed to producing high-quality antibody services. The antibody development platform based on single B cell technology can directly obtain positive B cells from peripheral blood and clone antibody gene sequences after animal immunization. Thousands of target binding positive B cell clones can be obtained, which can more efficiently screen antibodies with high specificity, high sensitivity and high affinity.






Animal Immunity

Immunized 3-5 mice/BALB/c mice ELISA detection

6-8 weeks

B-Cell Harvest

Plasma Cell enrichment

Single Cell Sorting

2-3 weeks

Single B-Cell Sorting Colony Picking

Multiple RT-PCR


3-4 weeks

Vector Build and Transfection

Antibody Expression

3-4 weeks

Purification & detection




2 weeks




High drug resistance

No species restriction

Many positive clones

Complete services


Service Process

After the two parties communicate and agree, determine the experimental plan, determine the service requirements - sign the contract - advance payment - start the experiment - deliver the results


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