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Stable Cell Line Construction Service


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The mammalian cell lines HEK293 and CHO have become important expression hosts in structural biology. Generating stable mammalian cell lines remains essential for studying the function and structure of recombinant proteins, despite the emergence of highly efficient transient transfection protocols.Production with stable cell lines can be scaled up easily and high volumetric product yield can be achieved.

Protein production with a stable cell line is reproducible and can be scaled up easily. Recent protein structure reports using HEK293 or CHO cell lines were surveyed for this review and it was found that transient transfection and stable cell lines were used with around the same frequency. Improved technologies for generating stable cell lines are expected to increase their use in the future.


Custom Package

The development of a stable cell line is time-consuming and complicated. Abvigen owns highly qualified experts, providing you with stable cell line development services. Using CHO cells and adopt GS/DHFR expression system. Transient transfection evaluation will be performed to ensure the selection of stable single clone. The cell lines are widely used in functional studies of gene, gene editing, drug screening and recombinant protein production.



1 Gene Synthesis

  Gene Optimization

  Plasmid construction

2 Cell Transfection

  Stable Transfection

3 Single Clones Screening

4 QC

5 Delivery



Stable expression

Fast operation

Reasonable Price

Quality assurance


Service Process

After the two parties communicate and agree, determine the experimental plan, determine the service requirements - sign the contract - advance payment - start the experiment - deliver the results


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Abvigen is committed to providing one-stop antibody customization services from antigen synthesis to antibody manufacturing for scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises. Our technical team will rely on rich technical experience to serve you wholeheartedly.

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