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Stable Cell Line Construction Service

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Cell line construction is the process of creating a large population of identical cells that contain the gene that, on translation, encodes the biologics (recombinant proteins, antibodies, fusion proteins, vaccines, etc.). When large quantities of recombinant protein are required, the construction of stable expression lines is recommended for production. Stable cell lines can be used for long-term continuous growth without significant changes in the expression levels of the target gene. The construction of stable cell line refers to the entry of foreign genes into recipient cells and integration into the chromosomes, allowing the target protein to be stably expressed on the surface of cell membrane. Stable cell line has been used in functional studies of genes, protein production and drug screening. Abvigen has been engaged in protein expression for many years and has extensive experience in developing stable cell lines, we use lentiviral vector for efficient gene delivery and to achieve high integration rate for several proteins, which can effectively enhance the production capacity. And we can provide customers with a one-stop service from gene sequence to stable cell line delivery.





Cell Test

Cell viability, cell density, and mycoplasma

Construction of Lentiviral Expression Plasmid

Codon optimization

Gene synthesis

Construction of lentiviral expression plasmid

Lentivirus Packaging

Co-transfer of expression plasmid and auxiliary plasmid into host cells

Cell Pool Screening and Verification

Positive cells screening

Detect cell pool expression level

Single-Clone Screening and Verification

Single cell planking and verification

Quality Control

Concentration; Purity; Contamination test





Fusion protein





Growth factor



Mature Stable Cell Line Development Platform

Strict Quality Control System

Professional Technical Support

High yield and reproducibility

High cell line stability

Customizable Services


In addition, we also provide a variety of optional peptide Synthesis and analysis, including

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