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Magnetic Beads-Oligonucleotide Conjugates Services

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    Particle conjugation has been used in various biological applications. Biomolecules include antibodies, protein A/G, lectins, enzymes, toxins, and other proteins have all been conjugated to macroparticle or nanoparticle for diagnostic tests. Nanoparticle and microparticles are used in agglutination tests and assays, particle capture ELISA methods, lateral flow tests, solid phase assays, scintillation proximity assays, PCR, superparamagnetic-based assays and magnetic separation systems, biosensors, as enhancers of Ramam spectral signals, in light scattering assays, and as fluorescent labels or stains for detecting biological molecules. 

    Among them, Magnetic beads are used for separation procedures to enrich the population of a specific cell, or isolate biomolecules for purification purposes. Magnetic beads/particles are typically used as solid supports for the capture of DNA targets to improve sample throughput traditionally. However, it aggregate over time resulting in lower capture efficiency and obstruction of liquid handling devices. A new approach is developed-using magnetic beads and tagged oligonucleotide (ITO) probes. ITO and magnetic approach was more sensitive than a commercial magnetic bead method for the capture of target DNA from a pool of interfering genomic DNA. 

    Service Details

    (1)Progress of Conjugation

    Activation of magnetic beads

    Coupling reaction of probes and magnetic beads

    Blocking active groups


    (2)Other Bioconjugation Portfolios: 





    DNA-Magnetic Beads

    DNA-Gold nanoparticles


    Lecint-Gold Conjugates

    (Strep)avidin-Gold Conjugates

    Oligonucleotide-Gold Conjugates

    Fluorescent Labeled Latex

    Service Highlights

    High binding capacity


    Less non-specific adsorption

    High quality well-characterized conjugates

    Flexible service options

    The experience and ability of a dedicated team

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