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Small molecule antigens, also known as haptens, refer to some that cannot induce immune responses when they exist alone, that is, they are not immunogenic, but when cross-linked with carriers such as
Service Number£ļABVH020IntroductionMagnetic bead and protein/antibody/nucleic acid labeling technology, also known as immune magnetic bead labeling technology, uses highly homogeneous magnetic microsph
Service Number£ļABVH033IntroductionFlow cytometry is used to measure the cell size and internal particle shape under the condition of rapid cell flow, and it can also detect the cell surface, cytoplasm
Service Number£ļABVH032IntroductionELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) is a highly sensitive experimental technique based on immunological reaction, which combines the specific reaction of antige
Service Number£ļABVH031IntroductionRT-PCR is called reverse transition PCR, and its experimental steps mainly include RNA extraction, reverse transcription and PCR. RNA from tissue or cell samples was
Service Number£ļABVH030IntroductionHigh performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a kind of chromatographic analysis technology, also known as high performance liquid chromatography detection. It dep
Service Number£ļABVH029IntroductionWestern Blot (WB) is a method to separate protein samples by molecular weight through polyacrylamide electrophoresis, transfer them to the blot, and then detect the s
Service Number£ļABVH028IntroductionCo-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) is a classical method to study the interaction between proteins based on the specific interaction between antigen and antibody.Custom P
Service Number£ļABVH027IntroductionImmunohistochemistry is the application of the basic principle of immunology - antigen antibody reaction. The color reagents (fluorescein, enzyme, metal ions, isotope
Service Number£ļABVH026IntroductionPrimer synthesis is a perfect process by measuring the OD value of the primer, dissolving the primer, and finally synthesizing the primer.Custom PackageAbvigenhas an
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