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Peptide Segment Coverage Detection Service

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Peptide coverage. When analyzing a known protein you can, in combination with GPMAW, generate a peptide mass list, which you can use for internal calibration.MS is often needed to aid method development, to ensure important peptides (e.g., those containing stability-indicating modifications, N-terminal and C-terminal peptides, and glycosylated peptides) are well separated from other species, and can be readily monitored.


Custom Package

By using the existing mass spectrometry technology platform, Abvigen provides peptide spectrogram analysis based on LC-MS/MS, which can be used to confirm whether the recombinant protein is fully expressed and detect whether the recombinant protein is broken during expression. It is mainly used for the confirmation of the primary structure of proteins. By using a variety of protein digestion reactions and LC-MS techniques to sequence peptide segments, combined with proprietary analysis software, it can analyze the mass spectrum data of any non-specific protease hydrolysates. So as to achieve 100% coverage of the measured target protein sequence.




Sample supply





>50 ug


Mass spectrum file

Coverage Map

2 weeks


More accurate measurement

100% coverage of protein (polypeptide)


Service Process

After the two parties communicate and agree, determine the experimental plan, determine the service requirements - sign the contract - advance payment - start the experiment - deliver the results


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