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DNA Immunization Service For Antibody Production



DNA immunization is a recent vaccination method that induces humoral and cellular immune responses in a range of hosts. DNA immunization can induce cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), antibodies, and protection against microbial challenge. Different immunization routes induce a different degree of the immune response. Relevant studies have shown that multiple intramuscular immunizations of plasmid DNA encoding various leukocyte surface molecules induced a specific antibody response. In contrast, a single intramuscular immunization could not induce antibody production.Therefore, cell boost is necessary for efficient generation of hybridomas and the DNA-cell boost method gave good yields of specific MAbs. The large number of MAbs generated by this method react with high affinities to a variety of epitopes on the native form of antigens. So DNA immunization technique could be generally useful for generating MAbs to other membrane proteins and problematic antigens. 

Custom Package   

Whether your antigen is a membrane protein or other challenging antigen, Biotyscience will utilize a fully customizable DNA immunization approach to meet your specific requirements. We provide polyclonal or monoclonal antibody services from Gene Synthesis, DNA Immunization, antibody production, to purification.



a. Polyclonal Antibody Production

The plasmid DNA containing the target gene was injected into the animal muscle, subcutaneous, or spleen. Genetic information on the plasmids expresses in the animals. Antibodies were induced in animal bodies.

b. Monoclonal Antibody Production




Gene Synthesis & Validation

Codon optimization

Gene synthesis

Plasmid preparation

Cell transfection for expression validation

2-3 weeks

DNA Immunization

DNA immunization

Test bleed by ELISA

6-8 weeks

Cell Fusion & Screening

Animals selected for fusion based on titer

Primary screening by whole cell based ELISA

Evaluate hybridoma supernatants and select the

top clones for application

4-6 weeks

Subcloning, Expansion &cryopreservation

Hybridomas are subcloned by limiting dilution

Expanded & frozen

Monoclonal Antibody Production

Production of mAbs for each cell line

Purification (optional)

ELISA results

1-3 weeks


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Abvigen is committed to providing one-stop antibody customization services from antigen synthesis to antibody manufacturing for scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises. Our technical team will rely on rich technical experience to serve you wholeheartedly. 

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