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Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production



Rabbits have played an important role as animal models in immunology for many decades.  Today, rabbits are still a major source for a wide variety of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and polyclonal antibodies (pAbs) with broad utility. pAbs can be described as a set of different antibodies produced in response to specific pathogen or antigen, generally targeting different epitopes. However, mAbs contain a defined antigen-binding site that typically binds with high affinity and specificity to only one epitope. Monoclonal antibodics can be produced from mice. Compared to mouse mAbs, rabbit mAbs have many advantages, including strong specificity, high affinity, stable product quality, small batch differences, et al.

Unlike IgGs from other animal species, rabbit IgG antibodies have no subclasses, which simplifies molecular cloning and engineering of antibodies. Similar to human IgGs, rabbit IgG consists of two light and two heavy chains, which assemble into: Y-shaped molecule exhibiting two antigen-binding sites. Each antigen-binding site is comprised of six complementary determining regions (CDRs), three from the variable heavy chain (VH) and three from the variable light chain (VL). Compared with human IgGs, rabbit IgGs tend to have fewer amino acids at the N terminus and in the D-E loop and have extra disulphide bonds in the variable region of the heavy chain. Rabbit monoclonal antibodies have become a preferred class of antibodies for scientific discovery reagents and diagnostics. 


Custom Package   

With our proprietary immunization and B cell cloning technologies, we can produce a large number of diverse, high-affinity rabbit mAbs towards your target antigen. We provide monoclonal antibody services from peptide synthesis, antigen production, antibody purification, to labeling.


Abvigen immunized New Zealand rabbit with high purity antigens and phage display technology to construct phage display rabbit single-chain Fv antibody library. Through the recombinant antibody expression platform, stable expression cell lines with high expression of rabbit monoclonal antibodies were obtained.







Animal Immunization

2 New Zealand rabbits,Elisa detection instant titer

 8-10 weeks

Antiserum report 
Small scale pAb purification (optional)

B Cell Cloning and Screening

1 round of B cell cloning


Positive clones report
1 ml B cell supernatant delivery (optional)

Antibody Sequencing & Small Scale Transfection

Sequencing of several selected clones, followed by small scale rAb expression


Sequence reports
rAb supernatants (2 ml), or purified rAb (0.1 mg)

Recombinant Antibody Production

Scalable expression of selected recombinant rabbit mAbs


Sequencing report
Purified antibody


(refer to Genscript)

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Abvigen is committed to providing one-stop antibody customization services from antigen synthesis to antibody manufacturing for scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises. Our technical team will rely on rich technical experience to serve you wholeheartedly.


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