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Serum-Free Protein Expression Service


Serum-Free Expression System


Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is a ubiquitously used essential supplement in cell culture media. However, there are serious scientific and ethical concerns about the use of FBS regarding its harvest and production.


Serum-free media are media designed to grow a specific cell type or perform a specific application in the absence of serum. The use of serum-free media (SFM) represents an important tool, that allows cell culture to be done with a defined set of conditions as free as possible of confounding variables.

Advantages of using serum-free media

More consistent performance.

Easier purification and downstream processing.

Precise evaluations of cellular function.

Increased growth and/or productivity.

Better control(s) over physiological responsiveness.

Enhanced detection of cellular mediators

Abvigen has applied Serum-free technology for production of monoclonal antibodies, viral antigens, and recombinant proteins using a variety of mammalian and invertebrate cell lines.

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