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Monoclonal antibody production includes both ascites preparation and cell vial culture. Ascites preparation has the characteristics of low cost and high yield, and is the main method of domestic antibody production.


The ascites preparation utilizes hybridoma cells to proliferate in the peritoneal cavity of mice to obtain monoclonal antibodies. Ascites preparation include cell culture of hybridoma cell lines, intraperitoneal injection, ascites collection and ELISA. Each mouse produces 2 to 5 ml of ascites. The antibody content is 1~10 mg/ml. The period is 4 to 6 weeks. Ascites preparation has low cost, high yield and short cycle, and is currently the main method for large-scale antibody production.


The spinner flask culture is to prepare a monoclonal antibody by culturing hybridoma cells in vitro. The antibodies prepared by the spinner flask culture method are high in quality and do not contain various heterologous proteins (including Ig) of mice and animal viruses . The antibody production is 20 to 90 mg per 1L. The production cycle is 5 to 7 weeks. The antibody cultured in the spinner flask culture is of high quality without mouse heteroprotein or animal viruses.




BALB/c mouse ascites production antibody service


Nude/Scid ascites production antibody service


Rotating bottle culture to produce antibody services




Short lead time


Professional antibody preparation and purification service team




Rapid and efficient production of ascites and hybridoma culture supernatant

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