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Small Molecule Monoclonal Antibody Production Services



Hapten is immunogenic when it is bound to a carrier such as a macromolecular protein or a non-antigenic polylysine.


Small molecule antigens are the most typical haptens, such as organic substances (MW< 4000),  most polysaccharides, steroid hormones, fatty amines, lipidoids, pharmaceutical intermediates etc.


Abvigen Inc is a enterprise specialized in the production and processing of food safety, drug residues, disease detection kits, antigen and antibody customization, etc. We can provide you with complete antigen and antibody preparation services. The company has professional small molecule antigen/antibody synthesis research and development team and advanced experimental facilities. We can also provide detection services for small molecule antigens and antibodies.




1 Hapten modification


2 Complete antigen preparation: carrier including BSA, KLH, HRP, OVA


3 Preparation and detection of monoclonal antibodies





Personalized service: Customers can flexibly choose the most suitable monoclonal antibody customization service according to their needs.


High quality


Short lead time


Professional small molecule antigen preparation and coupling service team




Large-scale production preparation services available


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