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Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Production Services



Monoclonal antibodies are highly specific antibodies raised from a single B cell clone that are specific to a particular epitope, and are typically prepared using hybridoma technology. Monoclonal antibodies are characterized by specificity, homogeneity, high efficiency and unlimited supply. It shows great vitality in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, the basic research and clinical medicine in the fields of immunology, medicine, biology, etc.


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1 antigen


A Customer provide antigen


Protein or polypeptide fragment: >10mg, purity >85%, concentration >1mg/ml


B Preparation of antigen


Peptide synthesis, coupling (MS/HPLC)


Recombinant protein expression (SDS-PAGE)


2 Immunization


6-8 weeks female BALB/c mice were immunized with the antigen following a pre-established immunization protocol to produce sensitized B lymphocytes in mice.


3 Cell fusion


Lymphocytes fuse with myeloma cells to form hybridoma cells by polyethylene glycol.


4 Screening


Hybridoma cells in HAT medium were cultured by limiting dilution method. Positive hybridoma cells capable of producing the desired monoclonal antibody are selected.


5 Clone


Cloning and amplification of selected positive hybridoma cells


6 Preparation


In vivo induction


BALB/c mice were intraperitoneally inoculated with hybridoma cells for 1-2 weeks. Ascites was taken to obtain a large number of monoclonal antibodies.


In vitro culture


Monoclonal antibody is produced and secreted from culture flask. The culture supernatant is collected to obtain the desired monoclonal antibody.


In vitro culture


The culture flask is cultured, the monoclonal antibody is produced and secreted, and the culture supernatant is collected to obtain the desired monoclonal antibody.




Personalized service according to customer's specific requirements


Professional antibody screening and purification technology


Fast delivery: the production cycle of the monoclonal antibody only takes 4-6 months


One-stop service from immunogen preparation to antibody sequencing

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