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Peptide Synthesis Service

Peptide synthesis is characterized by the formation of peptide bonds between two amino acids. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer optimal custom peptide solutions for our customers Because of our high quality standards and technical service.

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The Peptide Synthesis Service we provide includes:

Peptide length: up to 200 amino acid peptides

Peptide size: mg, g, kg

HPLC purity: crude peptides. 80%, 90%, 95%, 98%, 99%

Analysis: MS, HPLC, COA


Turnaround Time: one week


Guaranteed Quantity without extra cost: Consistent Results: >99% success rate

Peptides are synthesized by solid-phase and liquid-phase, and are purified by HPLC. We provide the analysis of MS, HPLC and COA.

Fast delivery: All of ordering, peptide synthesis, delivery, payment are convenient and fast. The finished product can be delivered to the customer in the first time.

Strict confidentiality: For the peptide sequences provided by the customer, we strictly keep the customer confidential.

Wide range of purities: from crude to >99% pure

Peptide Applications

Designing enzymes

Testing drugs

Creating antibodies


Peptide based FRET-probes


Neuromodulator studies

Peptide array and microarray printing