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IntroductionAntibody affinityis defined as strength of the binding interaction between antigen andantibody.It depends on the closeness of the stereochemical fit between antibody sites and antigen dete
IntroductionDNA immunization is a recent vaccination method that induces humoral and cellular immune responses in a range of hosts.DNA immunization can induce cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), antibodies
IntroductionMembrane proteins are the molecular interface between host and pathogen,membrane proteins embedded within the cellular membrane serve a critical purpose in the maintenance of many cellular
IntroductionMethylation is the process of catalyzing the transfer of its methyl groups to other compounds from active methyl compounds. The most common methylation modifications are DNA methylation an
IntroductionSince the initial discovery of histone acetyltransferases, numerous reports have established that histone acetyltransferases regulate transcription by acetylating histones.Protein lysine a
IntroductionRabbits have playedan important role as animal models in immunology for manydecades.Today, rabbits are still a major source for a widevariety of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and polyclonal
IntroductionProtein phosphorylation represents an approach to study the molecular basis for a wide variety of neurophysiological phenomena.Protein phosphorylation is a significant post-translational m
IntroductionMonoclonal antibodies are highly specific antibodies raised from a single B cell clone that are specific to a particular epitope, and are typically prepared using hybridoma technology. Mon
IntroductionHapten is immunogenic when it is bound to a carrier such as a macromolecular protein or a non-antigenic polylysine.Small molecule antigens are the most typical haptens, such as organic sub
IntroductionMonoclonal antibody production includes both ascites preparation and cell vial culture. Ascites preparation has the characteristics of low cost and high yield, and is the main method of do
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