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COVID-19 Related Products

COVID-19 Related Products

The ongoing outbreak in the city of Wuhan is caused by a newly identified coronavirus 2019-nCoV. This new virus belongs to the Betacoronavirus Genus, which also includes SARS CoV (2003) and MERS CoV (2012). The sequence similarity between 2019-nCoV and MERS-CoV is 40%, while that between 2019-nCoV and SARS-CoV is 70%.


Abvigen Inc is dedicated to facilitate the research of infectious disease. We have developed relevant tools for coronaviruses research, including cDNA clones, antigens, and antibodies. The recombinant antigens we provide include the full length S protein (ECD), the S1 subunit, the S2 subunit, the S1 RBD, and the NP protein. We also provide high quality of antigen for following viruses.


COVID-19 Spike Protein (RBD)

COVID-19 S Protein

COVID-19 S1 Protein 

COVID-19 S2 Protein

COVID-19 Spike Protein (ECD)

COVID-19 N+S1 Protein

COVID-19 N+S-RBD Protein

COVID-19 S1+S2 Protein


COVID-19 Nucleoprotein

COVID-19 Envelope Protein

COVID-19 Nucleocapsid Protein


COVID-19 Membrane Glycoprotein Protein


COVID-19 N/S Protein IgM/IgG

COVID-19 N/S Antibody Pairs

COVID-19-Coupled Magnetic Beads

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