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Antibody Labeling Services


Antibody Labeling Service




Antibody/Protein labeling services are techniques for labeling substances that are both readily and highly sensitive to specific antigens or antibodies. The enhanced amplification effect of these markers can show the nature and content of antigens or antibodies in the immune response system. It has been widely used in analytical research and technical determination in the fields of medical pathology, immunohistochemistry, molecular biology, and biopharmaceuticals.


With the domestic leading antibody service technology, advanced equipment and professional antibody technicians, Abvigen Inc can provide customers with first-class antibody/protein labeling services including biotin labeling, fluorescein labeling and enzyme labeling, etc.




1 Acceptable samples


Antibodies, proteins, peptides, small molecule compounds, etc.


2 Sample requirements


Purity >90%


Specifications >1mg


Concentration >1mg/ml


Antibody: without BSA, sodium azide, glycine, etc.


Protein: information such as molecular weight, isoelectric point, buffer composition and pH should be provided.


Peptide: amino acid sequence should be provided.


Small molecule compound:  molecular structure should be provided.


2 Markers


Enzyme label: AP/ALP, HRP;




Conventional fluorescein: FITC, Rhodamine B;


Cy series fluorescein: Cy3, Cy5, Cy5.5, Cy7;


Alexa Fluor series fluorescein: AF350, AF488, AF555, AF594, AF647;


Fluorescent protein: phycoerythrin (PE), allophycocyanin (APC);


Fluorescent double labeling: PE-Cy3, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy5.5, PE-Cy7;